Audi receives top ranking in Carlisle Service Manager Satisfaction Survey

Audi of America has been named number one in dealer satisfaction in the annual Carlisle Service Manager Satisfaction Survey. The brand also received the highest rankings in the tech support, special tools, new models, technical training, non-tech training, warranty administration, marketing support, social media, customer retention and express lane categories.
“When asked which manufacturer they like to work with most, we want our dealers to choose us first without hesitation. If this is happening, we know we are on the right track,” said Peter Donnellan, Director of After Sales, Audi of America. “It is important to us that dealers understand we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand each individual dealer has its own needs, and we need to treat each accordingly.”
Audi remains focused on equipping dealers with the tools, knowledge and insight they need to deliver premium customer experiences. The quick service program, Executive Service, is one example of a flexible program created to meet the different needs of each dealer. Audi also supports individual dealer programs that improve customer experience.
The 2015 Carlisle Service Manager Satisfaction Survey went out to 17 brands and received more than 7,000 submissions. Carlisle is the preferred provider of aftersales strategic guidance and technical solutions for the world’s leading motor vehicle brands. The company conducts syndicated, dealership and end-customer surveys to assess topics such as customer attitudes, satisfaction, purchase loyalty and price perceptions.